Food Photography Workshop with Kinga Wójcicka – 04.04.2020, 09:00-17:00, € 165,-
(incl. Ayurveda lunch, snacks and tea)
Food stylist and photographer based in Poland,Warsaw. Vegetarian and food blogger at Food photography teacher, Master at the Nikon Academy. Works as a cookbooks ilustrator and a freelancer for food and interior magazines all over Europe. Kinga occasionally photograph also in commercial field. She cooperated with such big company as DUKA, SANTE, GRANA or MONINI. She is represented by the prestigious- House of Pictures Agency.
For over 5 years Kinga has been inspiring and sharing her photographic knowledge in workshops for which come to her Warsaw studio- photographers, restaurateurs and cooks from all over Europe. She trained more than 500 people already. And now she is coming to Vienna to present and teach us her unique view on food photography.

During 8 hours of workshop we will style, compose and photograph together, so please bring with you:
– your camera (best if you know how to use it- there won’t be a time to figure out everyone’s equipment)
– any lenses you posses
– tripod(if you have it)
– something for taking notes
– mind open for big dose of knowledge
– good mood and a big smile
What you will learn:
– basic knowledge about composing frames
– the importance of styling in culinary photography
– what photographic equipment is best and how to use it in proper way
– how to organize a session efficiently and with good results
-tricks and tips in how to make your food-photos looks delicious
-how to work with natural, window light to create proper mood on your images